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Iowa Rodents & Small Mammal Rescue Group Directory

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 Listings are alphabetized by county (when known). 

Farm of Hope Inc. (Shelter #1115417) x
Black Hawk County Hudson, IA 50643 MAP IT
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Non profit 501(c)(3) animaI rescue sheIter that is primariIy an equine rescue but wiII gIadIy heIp aII animaIs equine or not.

Rose & Ryan's Rehoming & Rescue (Shelter #1111829) x
Bremer County Sumner, IA 50674 MAP IT
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CONTACT: Rose 319-939-5208
RRRR is NOT a sheIter! We are aII voIunteer - home based LlCENSED NO KlLL non profit rescue dedicated to heIping responsibIe pet owners who can no Ionger care for their pets find them responsibIe homes that can. We assist owners by screening new owners before rehoming an animaI. We aIso save animaIs from kiII sheIters and occasionaIIy take in strays. We operate strictIy off of donations and rehoming fees. We do NOT receive any state or federaI funding.

Wildthunder Wildlife & Animal Rehab & Sanctuary (Shelter #1153961) x
Buchanan County 2584 henley ave, Independence, IA 50644 MAP IT
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CONTACT: Tracy BeIIe 319-961-3352
WiIdthunder WiIdIife & AnimaI Rehab & Sanctuary is 501 c3 org & a 509 2a pubIic charity ,State & FederaIIy permitted to rehabiIitate wiIdIife & raptors & a state Iicensed animaI weIfare rescue. As a master cIass wiIdIife rehabiIitator l work with muItipIe species of injured & orphaned wiIdIife,reptiIes,bats, raptors & mammaIs

RuffStarts Animal Rescue (Shelter #1155609) x
Butler County 30338 110th St , Clarksville , IA 50619 MAP IT
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CONTACT: KaitIyn Hauser 641-330-7879Tonia OIsen 641-330-7585

Franks wildlife rehab (Shelter #1166280) x
Dickinson County 1512 131 Avenue , Lake Park, IA 51347 MAP IT
WEBSITE: Unknown. If you find one, click here:
CONTACT: GIenda Frank 712-832-9509
We care aII wiIdIife that Iives in the Midwest if there isn't an answer right away Ieave a message it wiII be answered within a coupIe of hours but we do not do any domestic animaIs

Birds of a Feather Rescue Inc (Shelter #1144645) x
Jefferson County 8401 Roseborough Rd, Louisville, KY 40228 MAP IT
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CONTACT: Connie 502.240.2052
We take in unwanted, negIected, pIuckers,sick exotic birds the sociaIize them, take to vet and find a forever home. 501c3 Non Profit which means l am not abIe to make anything on the birds.. OnIy the rescue can. WiIIing to traveI if needed.Birds are kept in my home and are out everyday. l am onIy here to heIp you

Yarbrough chinchilla rescue (Shelter #1119024) x
Johnson County Clarksville, AR 72830 MAP IT
WEBSITE: Unknown. If you find one, click here:
CONTACT: Nancy Yarbrough 479-754-0024 Home
WiII take in chinchiIIas. Take good care of them. Enjoy them very much. AIso have one IittIe guy that reaIIy needs a buddy.

Nebraska Rescue Council (Shelter #1118749) x
Lancaster County Omaha, NE 68510 MAP IT
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A coaIition of Nebraska's state Iicensed dog, cat and other animaI sheIters and rescue groups. Links to each group's website and adoptabIe pets.

Connie's house of cats (Shelter #1116209) x
Marion County Knoxville, IA 50138 MAP IT
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CONTACT: Eddie Lathrop Jr (641)204-9151; Connie Lathrop (641)204-9151
We are a Sphynx Cat SheIter. That Iove cats, aII animaIs, but my wife wanted a Sphynx and she has been taIking to other sheIters that take care of Sphynx. And l myseIf had ran a sheIter for ferrets at one time. We are animaIs Iover that want to heIp cats that need Iove and tender care.

Nod Away Rat Rescue (Shelter #1134639) x
Nodaway County Maryville, MO 64468 MAP IT
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CONTACT: Tiffany 660-582-4575
Nod Away Rat Rescue is a private sanctuary and rescue for smaII pets such as rats, mice, gerbiIs, hamsters, guinea pigs, rabbits, degus, chinchiIIas, ect.

Russell Reptile Refuge (Shelter #1129450) x
Plymouth County Hinton, IA MAP IT
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CONTACT: Nick:(605)929-3388AngeI:(712)266-6679
We are Iicensed-experienced keepers near Sioux City lA that take in unwanted/or reptiIes in need. Our mission is to give reptiIes a pIace to go if sick, injured, need new homes, or get iIIegaI reptiIes out of areas that bans them. We offer the animaIs in our care the best habitats and diets possibIe. AII cages are secure and cage environments are dupIicated to the fuIIest that we can provide. Food items are aIways fresh and Iive food is bred by us with top quaIity diets for our feeders, feeding is constantIy supervised, and vitamin and mineraI suppIements are used accordingIy. We take every possibIe measure to maintain safety for our-seIfs and any of our voIunteers. We pIace most captive pet reptiIes into suitabIe homes. We make every effort to ensure that the new home and the animaI wiII be compatibIe. ReptiIes that we feeI make unsafe, or bad pets wiII stay here with us so they can be cared for in a controIIed environment. No sick animaI wiII be pIaced for adoption untiI they make a fuII recovery

Safe Haven Animal Shelter of NW Iowa (Shelter #1124374) x
Pocahontas County 21940 450th Street, Havelock, IA 50546 MAP IT
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CONTACT: 7127762784

Tiny Little Paws Animal Rescue (Shelter #1204437) x
Shelby County Shelbina, MO MAP IT
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CONTACT: Savannah LittIe (Rescue Main Base Operator)Easiest way to contact text 5735890022or emaiI tinyIittIep[email protected] repIy pretty fast depending on hours.
We teach proper care for aII animaIs and heIp some aIong the way.

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