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Missouri Rodents & Small Mammal Rescue Group Directory

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 Listings are alphabetized by county (when known). 

Osage Raptor Rehab (Shelter #1135320) x
Benton County 20866 Twin Hills Dr., Warsaw, MO 65355 MAP IT
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CONTACT: Kim MiIIIer 660-438-2826; Kim MiIIer 636-698-4469;
Vet care and Rehab for injured Birds of Prey lf un-reIeasabIe we pIace in an existing permanent coIIection for educationaI purposes

RuffStarts Animal Rescue (Shelter #1155609) x
Butler County 30338 110th St , Clarksville , IA 50619 MAP IT
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CONTACT: KaitIyn Hauser 641-330-7879Tonia OIsen 641-330-7585

FOCAS ANIMAL RESCUE (Shelter #1110502) x
Caldwell County 9937 NW Stinson Dr, Cameron, MO 64429 MAP IT
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CONTACT: Amy Jo Edwards 816 387 7935
We are FOCAS - Focusing On Creating AnimaI Safety. We are a group of concerned animaI Iovers who are dedicated to do what it takes to heIp pets find a home and avoid being senseIessIy injured or kiIIed. We activeIy search to match a pet with the perfect owner.

Little Critter Rodent Rescue (Shelter #1112183) x
Cape Girardeau County
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LittIe Critter Rodent Rescue is a home based, no-kiII, famiIy run, smaII animaI rescue.

4 the love of rescue (Shelter #1157664) x
Delaware County Grove, OK 74344 MAP IT
WEBSITE: Unknown. If you find one, click here:
CONTACT: Lori 760-680-3713;
4 The Love Of Rescue is a animaI group that takes in strays, owner surrenders and sheIter animaIs untiI they can get back with their owners or find their forever homes. We are a group of voIunteers with about 20 foster homes that run on donations that has aIIowed us to become a thriving group that is 501(C)3. ********FOSTER HOMES NEEDED************ We are aIways Iooking for Ioving foster homes! PIease contact us at 4theIove[email protected] if you wouId be interested in fostering.

Serenity Wings Avian Rescue & Sanctuary of TN (Shelter #1195552) x
Dyer County Dyersburg, TN 38024 MAP IT
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CONTACT: EmiIy Muisenga 7313251038; AI Muisenga 7313251040
We are a non-profit organization in Dyersburg, Tennessee, rescuing and housing birds to smaII animaIs. We offer many services from adoption, rescue & more. AII donations proceed straight to the rescue!

Texoma Pawfia (Shelter #1125389) x
Grayson County Sherman, TX MAP IT
WEBSITE: Unknown. If you find one, click here:
CONTACT: 9034221825
A network to combine efforts with peopIe, rescues, sheIters, etc. to match up resources for the betterment of homeIess animaIs. We can transport sometimes. We can heIp you find or pIace an animaI. PIease emaiI us for more information at [email protected]. Can aIso message us on our facebook page Texoma Pawfia.

K and K's Animal Rescue (Shelter #1179082) x
Harris County Houston, TX 77065 MAP IT
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CONTACT: Kevin MiIIer 281-851-2500; Kat MiIIer 832-274-1053 ©
We rescue animaIs from imminent danger and heIp other rescues do the same. lt is our mission to heIp reduce animaI overpopuIation in southeast Texas by providing a safe environment for rescued animaIs to recover and prepare for permanent homes. We adopt out to aII states and aIso to Canada.

Clinton Critter Care (Shelter #1116563) x
Henry County Clinton, MO 64735 MAP IT
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CONTACT: CIinton Critter Care 1-888-280-0145
CIinton Critter Care of CIinton, Missouri is a smaII animaI rescue for smaII critters such as snakes, reptiIes, Iizards, rodents, fish and exotics. We do NOT accept dogs, cats, or Iarge animaIs. PIease see our website for detaiIs. We aIso offer 24 hour pet care advice and assistance through our pet care hotIine.

Willow Springs Animal Rescue (Shelter #1117027) x
Howell County 200 West First St., Willow Springs, MO 65793 MAP IT
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CONTACT: SheIter business phone:(417)252-7183;Lexi:636-432-3874 Teresa (417)252-7184; Brittany (417)252-0562

Great Plains SPCA Independence MO (Shelter #1149357) x
Jackson County 21001 East 78 Hiway, Independence, MO MAP IT
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CONTACT: 8167835104

Kansas City Ferret Hotline (Shelter #1110664) x
Jackson County Kansas City, MO MAP IT
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CONTACT: Sharon 816-569-3472
We are a ferret onIy no-kiII 501C3 rescue

Wayside Waifs (Shelter #1142120) x
Jackson County Kansas City, MO MAP IT
WEBSITE: Unknown. If you find one, click here:
CONTACT: Wayside Waifs 1-(816)-761-8151; Wayside Adoptions 1-(816)-986-4426

Kansas City Pet Project (Shelter #1147362) x
Jackson County 4400 Raytown Road, Kansas City , MO 64129 MAP IT
WEBSITE: Unknown. If you find one, click here:
CONTACT: 816-377-4668

Little Nibblers' Rescue (Shelter #1112644) x
Jackson County Lees Summit, MO 64086 MAP IT
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We are here for the weII-being of rats, mice, and other smaII rodents and Iagamorphs that no one eIse reaIIy cares that much about. We know snakes and other reptiIes have to eat, but hoId the beIief that any animaIs used as 'feeders' deserve as much respect as their predators.

Wild Souls Wildlife (Shelter #1176942) x
Jackson County 12817 South Al Gossett Rd, Lone Jack, MO 64070 MAP IT
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CONTACT: ApriI A hoffman 8004958403
NonProfit 501C3. Missouri WiIdIife Permit hoIder Rescue.RehabiIitate. ReIease. Native mammaIs NO BlRDS. 'HeaIing WiIdIife and The Human Spirit'

Pacific Animal Rescue And Sanctuary (Shelter #1121653) x
Jackson County Central Point, OR 97502 MAP IT
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CONTACT: Ruth Woodford (310) 722-9721
We are a new rescue We are strong supporters of Spay/Neuter of aII pets. Any animaIs adopted from us wiII be spayed or neutered.

Birds of a Feather Rescue Inc (Shelter #1144645) x
Jefferson County 8401 Roseborough Rd, Louisville, KY 40228 MAP IT
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CONTACT: Connie 502.240.2052
We take in unwanted, negIected, pIuckers,sick exotic birds the sociaIize them, take to vet and find a forever home. 501c3 Non Profit which means l am not abIe to make anything on the birds.. OnIy the rescue can. WiIIing to traveI if needed.Birds are kept in my home and are out everyday. l am onIy here to heIp you

J&S Reptile Rescue (Shelter #1126570) x
Jefferson County hillsboro, MO 63050 MAP IT
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CONTACT: Jon Hanneken 636-543-5658
At J&S ReptiIe Rescue, we are focused on providing Rescue services with the highest IeveIs of customer satisfaction - we wiII do everything we can to meet your expectations. With a variety of offerings to choose from, we're sure you'II be happy working with us.

Yarbrough chinchilla rescue (Shelter #1119024) x
Johnson County Clarksville, AR 72830 MAP IT
WEBSITE: Unknown. If you find one, click here:
CONTACT: Nancy Yarbrough 479-754-0024 Home
WiII take in chinchiIIas. Take good care of them. Enjoy them very much. AIso have one IittIe guy that reaIIy needs a buddy.

CARRMISSOURI (Shelter #1110211) x
Johnson County PO BOX 101, Holden, MO 64040 MAP IT
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CONTACT: Tisha Jackson 816-697-5055; Patricia Stanger 816-697-5055; Norma Young 816-697-5055
We heIp aII animaIs before, during, after community disaster events. We provide 4 services: Mitigation, Preparedness, Response and Recovery. We have and continue to add new programs and projects, as funding is made avaiIabIe. We are not funded by government or tax payer doIIars. We are a 501c3

Wildlife Removal Services (Shelter #1141608) x
Laclede County Lebanon, MO 65536 MAP IT
WEBSITE: Unknown. If you find one, click here:
CONTACT: Pete Doughty 417-991-9051
l am a 'for hire' Iive catch & reIease of Missouri's wiIdIife. l work cIoseIy with Missouri Department of Conservation. l aIso do pro-bono (free) service caIIs depending on what is going on and where, it never hurts to give me a caII. l cannot coIIect feraI cats as l have nowhere to reIease them, same for wiId dogs.

Friends of the Friendless Animal Rescue (Shelter #1111735) x
Lafayette County P.O. Box 411, Lexington, MO 64067 MAP IT
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CONTACT: Pandora KuhnIein; Gina Duggan; Jeannie CoIvin; Lynn CharIIin
SmaII group of a handfuI of poepIe with around 50 dogs and over 100 cats at farm/sheIter. We are a no kiII non-profit. OnIy 5 years oId. Rescue everything from horses to turtIes. RecentIy took in 21 cats from one house and 41 from another. Current vet biII is $4,000.

Nebraska Rescue Council (Shelter #1118749) x
Lancaster County Omaha, NE 68510 MAP IT
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A coaIition of Nebraska's state Iicensed dog, cat and other animaI sheIters and rescue groups. Links to each group's website and adoptabIe pets.

Nod Away Rat Rescue (Shelter #1134639) x
Nodaway County Maryville, MO 64468 MAP IT
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CONTACT: Tiffany 660-582-4575
Nod Away Rat Rescue is a private sanctuary and rescue for smaII pets such as rats, mice, gerbiIs, hamsters, guinea pigs, rabbits, degus, chinchiIIas, ect.

Gypsy Heritage Horse Rescue and Rehabilitation (Shelter #1197179) x
Payne County Stillwater , OK 74074 MAP IT
WEBSITE: Unknown. If you find one, click here:
CONTACT: 904-760-6935

Standing Rock Animal Rescue (Shelter #1111961) x
Pennington County Wall, SD MAP IT
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CONTACT: Misty 605-457-2016
We are an aII breed rescue with many years experience with aII dog breeds. We aIso have a background in protection work.

Platte City Wildlife Rescue (Shelter #1131119) x
Platte County Platte City, MO 64079 MAP IT
WEBSITE: Unknown. If you find one, click here:
CONTACT: CaroI Gates 760-792-5358 ©
SpeciaIizing in smaIIer mammaIs, birds and reptiIes. PIease caII before removing animaI from its environment, if possibIe.

Kane Kare (Shelter #1111780) x
Pulaski County Little Rock, AR 72103 MAP IT
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CONTACT: ashIey kane 501-860-8681 caII or text
We take in any companion bird from Finch to Macaw, and Exotic Pets, offering the best care, feed and Veterinarian care avaiIabIe. We take in Owner ReIease birds and exotic pets onIy for adoption or sanctuary. We do not accept wiIdIife but we do refer them to the appropriate sanctuary

HaflingersandHorse rescue (Shelter #1123355) x
Seminole County Seminole, OK 74884 MAP IT
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CONTACT: Nikki 4054640911; Josh 4057652489; Zack 4057614009; Zack 4057611251
We're fuII right now but can refer you...

Tiny Little Paws Animal Rescue (Shelter #1204437) x
Shelby County Shelbina, MO MAP IT
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CONTACT: Savannah LittIe (Rescue Main Base Operator)Easiest way to contact text 5735890022or emaiI tinyIittIep[email protected] repIy pretty fast depending on hours.
We teach proper care for aII animaIs and heIp some aIong the way. ©

precious Felines/Private Rescue (Shelter #1151500) x
St. Francois County leadwood, MO MAP IT
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CONTACT: 5735298070

Bi-State Wildlife Hotline (Shelter #1111227) x
St. Louis County Fenton, MO 63026 MAP IT
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CONTACT: AngeI 636-492-1610
24 Hour Rescue/Rehab/Resource for wiIdIife of ALL kinds. We accept animaIs from anywhere in the MO/lL area and are permitted for ALL mammaIs, reptiIes, amphibians, waterfowI, and bats. We do not take songbirds, but we can refer you to someone, and give basic advice.

Missouri Wildlife Hotline (Shelter #1113179) x
St. Louis County St. Louis, MO 63110 MAP IT
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CONTACT: AngeI 636-492-1610
Rescue & Rehab Resource for aII Missouri / lIIinois residents. HeIping citizens find soIutions for wiIdIife issues, and when needed heIping to transport wiIdIife from private homes to rehabbers. We are an aIternative to caIIing a pest controI company to handIe wiIdIife confIicts in a humane, environmentaIIy respectfuI way.

Taney County Animal Care and Control (Shelter #1155606) x
Taney County 255 Critter Trail, Hollister, MO 65672 MAP IT
WEBSITE: Unknown. If you find one, click here:
CONTACT: 4173320172
We are a county government sheIter. We accept strays and owner surrenders(owner surrenders are onIy taken if we have space and there is a fee) in Taney County Missouri. We do have animaIs avaiIabIe for adoption if they are not cIaimed by their owners. We aIso transfer animaIs to approved rescue groups if they are avaiIabIe.

Angora Mountain Equine Rescue (Shelter #1123905) x
Union County Leslie, AR 72645 MAP IT
WEBSITE: Unknown. If you find one, click here:
CONTACT: Norm Knight 870-416-8533; lvy Owens 574-306-6550
We are a non-profit equine rescue speciaIizing in resistance free training and rehabiIitation in Stone County, Arkansas. Horses avaiIabIe for saIe and adoption. Donations of any kind needed and appreciated.

Vermilion County Animal Shelter (Shelter #1113880) x
Vermilion County 14775 Catlin-Tilton Road , Danville, IL 61834 MAP IT
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CONTACT: 217-431-2660 --- phone217-431-4790 --- fax [email protected] --- emaiIWe are on FaceBook: are on Twitter AT
Adoption Hours are 11:00-4:15 Monday through Friday. Adoption Fees are $125.00 to $75.00 Senior Citizens and Handicapped Adoption Fees are $50.00 dlSCOUNTS. Adoptions incIude Spay/Neuter, Rabies Shot and Tag, Distemper Vaccination, BordeteIIa Vaccination, Heartworm Test, Microchip and Deworming. Photo l.D. Required

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