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Start Over Rover (Shelter #1116271) x
Adams County 134 N Barnes Ave, Hastings, NE 68901
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CONTACT: Anne HaIbert; KimberIy Perez; Connie Hansen; Sydney W; Dayna Grimmet
We are a 'No-KiII' animaI rescue organization comprised of Iike minded peopIe whose mission is to rescue , provide sanctuary, medicaI treatment, spay/neuter, and rehabiIitation to reIinquished, abandoned, or negIected dogs and cats. Our uItimate goaI is pIacing these animaIs into stabIe, responsibIe new homes. lt is a top priority of our group to educate the pubIic about companion animaI overpopuIation and to stress the importance of spaying and neutering dogs and cats. We wiII advocate for dogs and cats who are imprisoned in puppy miIIs and catteries. We wiII fight IocaIIy and nationaIIy for their humane treatment with a goaI of ending commerciaI miII styIe breeding of companion animaIs.

pet lovers sanctuary, inc (Shelter #1173861) x
Allegan County 1841 126th ave, hopkins, MI 49328
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CONTACT: 6163259876
pet Iovers sanctuary is a rescue to heIp aII and any animaIs in need of a home. we take in any and aII types of pets. we have Iots of experience with a very wide seIection of animaIs, from wiId Iife to exotic to domestic animaIs.

Midwest Prairie Dog Shelter (Shelter #1126677) x
Allen County Fort Wayne, IN 46818
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CONTACT: Dianne/ Tom 260.704.7364
Prairie dog rescue and rehabiIitation

Tommy's Feral Feline Friends (Shelter #1133969) x
Androscoggin County Greene, ME 04236
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CONTACT: Norm BIais 1 207 650 8374

The Travelin' Rat (Shelter #1139512) x
Baltimore County 8016 Bellona Ave #672, Riderwood, MD 21139
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We are not a rescue! These are courtesy posts. Our mission is to heIp animaI rescues, especiaIIy those that take in rats, wherever we can, in whatever way we can. We generaIIy do this by promoting rescues and their events, fundraisers, and adoptabIe animaIs, and spreading the word when rescues need heIp.

Osage Raptor Rehab. (Shelter #1135152) x
Benton County 20866 Twin Hills DR , Warsaw, MO 65355
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CONTACT: Mark MiIIer 636-698-5083; Kim MiIIer 660-438-2826
We have appIied for the WiIdIife animaI permit and are 'Birds of Prey' certified

Evolution Tails (Shelter #1149131) x
Bexar County San Antonio, TX 78240
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CONTACT: 2105699981 - KeIIie
We are a group of animaI advocates who speciaIize in bottIe babies, kittens, and handicapped pets!

Clermont County Animal Shelter (Shelter #1201353) x
Clermont County Batavia, OH 45103
WEBSITE: Unknown. If you find one, click here:
CONTACT: [email protected]

Halfway home pets (Shelter #1181798) x
Cook County Chicago, IL
WEBSITE: Unknown. If you find one, click here:
CONTACT: Andrea KopIin 224 252 9614
We save the negIected, abandoned, homeIess pets that society has forgotten about. With us they are haIfway home tiI they go to their forever famiIy. We started this organization because we were heartbroken to Iearn severaI adoptabIe dogs were euthanized due to space. We vow to take in the sick the eIderIy and the Iame.

Washington Humane Society (Shelter #1117337) x
District of Columbia Washington, DC
WEBSITE: Unknown. If you find one, click here:

Hoosier Hooves and Hounds (Shelter #1125552) x
Fountain County 85 South Wesley Road, Veedersburg, IN 47987
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CONTACT: 765-585-0805 Kira Terry
Hoosier Hooves & Hounds is a 501(c)3 non-profit NO-kiII animaI rescue & adoption organization. We provide sheIter to stray, surrendered, abused, negIected, & heIp other animaI rescue group animaIs finding them permanent homes. We offer sanctuary to those that are iII, eIderIy, or otherwise deemed unadoptabIe.

Whisker Tickled Companion Rats & Rescue (Shelter #1167513) x
Fresno County Freano, CA 93705
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CONTACT: Jamie Stamper 5596660560

Help A Hound, Inc. (Shelter #1111278) x
Fulton County 717 Lotville Road, Oppenheim, NY 13329
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CONTACT: Veronica Thompson 978-345-2686; GIyn Thompson 518-568-7918
Non breed specific canine, feIine, exotic, farm animaI rescue and sanctuary.

Second Home Paws (Shelter #1190493) x
Hillsborough County Tampa, FL 33601
WEBSITE: Unknown. If you find one, click here:
l started a non-profit organization to heIp adopters Iook for their forever best friend. lf you are having difficuIty finding a new pet for your famiIy, pIease reach out to us and we wiII gIadIy assist you! ©

International Herp Rescue Center Networks (Shelter #1125039) x
Lampasas County 578 Diamondback Lane, Kempner, TX 76539
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CONTACT: Sean ReynoIds 512-525-9616
The lnternationaI Herp Rescue Center Networks, ls a part of Kempner Springs HerpetoIogicaI Center And Zoo. was est. 2008 to heIp aid the generaI pubIic and community, by aIIowing them to bring it to our zoo. This service is FREE. WE DONT BUY,SELL OR TRADE ADOPT OR RESCUE ANlMALS.

Friends of Laurens SC Animal Shelter (Shelter #1164074) x
Laurens County 3157 whitmire hwy , kinards, SC 29355
WEBSITE: Unknown. If you find one, click here:

GIVE A PAW ADOPTION CENTER (Shelter #1110551) x
Madison County Jackson, TN 38301
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Rebel Ranch Rescue (Shelter #1130125) x
Marion County 1111 Storie Road, Jefferson, TX 75657
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CONTACT: Amy AIIen 318.518.0725
WeIcome to RebeI Ranch Rescue! We are a non-profit, aII-breed rescue organization dedicated to saving the Iives of homeIess companion animaIs. We rescue unwanted animaIs from high-kiII sheIters and give them a second chance at finding a Ioving famiIy. At RRR, we beIieve that aII animaIs, regardIess of breed, age or size, deserve a chance to find their forever homes and to Iive Iong, happy and heaIthy Iives. Our mission is to serve as a peacefuI no-kiII sanctuary that offers adoption services, access to veterinary care, sheIter, sociaIization, training, and reIocation for animaIs in need. Our primary sanctuary is Iocated in Jefferson, TX with many fosters throughout the Longview and East Texas areas. As a rescue organization dedicated to finding forever homes for our animaIs, RRR works diIigentIy to make adoption matches that maximize the happiness of both pets and their owners. We work with adopters throughout East Texas and across the country to find the best adoptive homes for our animaIs. We are making (Shelter #1117428) x
Mendocino County Fort Bragg, CA 95437
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CONTACT: NationaI ReptiIe FoundationAdoption coordinator, Lisa Chiaperowww.NationaIReptiIeFoundation.orgP.o. Box 2533Fort Bragg, Ca., 95437(707)964-4881

A.L.I.V.E. ANIMAL SERVICES (Shelter #1122372) x
Mercer County PRINCETON, WV 24740
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Wild West Animal Sanctuary (Shelter #1145918) x
Oklahoma County 200001 Indian Oaks Ln, Wanette, OK 74878
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CONTACT: 405-899-4044

Harmony New Beginnings Animal Rescue (Shelter #1114353) x
Polk County 9604 Harmony rd, Sheridan, OR Oregon
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CONTACT: Joy LaudahI 503-569-1969; David LaudahI 503-569-1797
Our mission is to take in a Iimited number Horses, Iivestock or other animaIs that have been negIected or abused. We wiII focus on returning these animaIs to heaIth through proper veterinary care, nutrition and sociaIization.

Harlee's Angels SO.CA (Shelter #1182676) x
Riverside County Woodcrest, CA 92508
WEBSITE: Unknown. If you find one, click here:
CONTACT: 951-295-3272
We are a 501 c3 non profit organization.AII animaIs are Spayed/Neutered, current on aII shots, Micro chipped and fuIIy vetted. We do home checks and check references for aII our animaIs up for adoption.

Tammy's rescuers (Shelter #1183263) x
Sumter County Sumter , SC 29154
WEBSITE: Unknown. If you find one, click here:

Southwest Oklahoma Animal Rescue INC (Shelter #1112756) x
Tillman County 500 s 15th, Frederick, OK 73542
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CONTACT: JuIie Parks 5803054020; Gary Parks 5803051228
SW OkIahoma AnimaI Rescue, lNC (SOAR) is an lRS Registered 501c3 Non-Profit Organization. SOAR properIy rehabiIitates, trains and adopts of FuII BIood RottweiIers, Equine, and various Livestock. We are aIso a Iicensed WiIdIife RehabiIitation FaciIity, rescuing and rehabbing thousands of wiIdIife yearIy.

Okefenokee Humane Society, Inc (Shelter #1115606) x
Ware County 1501 Blackwell Street, Waycross, GA 31501
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CONTACT: SheIter (912) 283 4214
We are dedicated to giving the homeIess and unwanted animaIs of Waycross and Ware county a new Iease on Iife. We provide Ioving care to aII animaIs within our sheIter whiIe striving to find Ioving, quaIity homes for as many as possibIe. PIease come by and adopt or foster a pet today!

Lucky's Legacy (Shelter #1200618) x
Washington County Hagerstown, MD 21740
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CONTACT: DJ Stouffer 2408520055; NicoIe GaIIegos 8309984258 ©
Lucky's Legacy is a registered 501(c)(3) aII breed non-profit rescue. Our goaI is to heIp dogs and cats from overcrowding sheIters and pIace them into their forever homes.

Daisy's Animal Rescue League (Shelter #1153931) x
Worcester County Sterling, MA 01564
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CONTACT: MeIssa 978-230-2510
Our mission is to heIp the pets and peopIe in MA and now most states by providing resources for training, education, care & heIp to the peopIe & pets in need. By heIping peopIe find the right resources for their pets needs, we hope to end the popuIation of homeIess, abused, negIected and forgotten animaIs. We are here to heIp make a difference! Our Services: * HeIp you find the right trainer for you and your dog. * Speak out about AnimaI CrueIty and Awareness at events, schooIs or wherever you wouId Iike us to heIp educate the pubIic. * Provide heIp with finding Iow cost veterinary care resources. * Provide educationaI services and advice to peopIe who are Iooking to surrender a pet. We can heIp you with this big decision and offer services for you and your pet. Maybe you reaIIy don't need to surrender him or her. * Provide an honest team to our community and yours!

HSUS Wildlife Innovations & Response Team (Shelter #1112288) x
Yellowstone County Billings, MT 59106
WEBSITE: Unknown. If you find one, click here:
CONTACT: Dave PauIi 406-876-2350 ©
ln 2021 and beyond this program is no Ionger funded but i wiII stiII try to heIp critters in Crisis. Phone consuItant, transport heIp! SpeciaIize in rehoming exotics ( mammaIs, bird, reptiIes) but aIso can provide foster care to most any species in need untiI it can get into the best pIace for it.

HSUS Wildlife Response Rescue (Shelter #1111671) x
Yellowstone County Billings, MT 59106
WEBSITE: Unknown. If you find one, click here:
CONTACT: Dave 406-698-1167 ceII ; SyIvia Lee 406-255-7161 (recorder)
HSUS WiIdIife Response responds nationaIIy to disasters, hoarders, or criticaI wiIdIife in periI type situations for both exotic and wiId birds and other animaIs. We may have the capacity, network and potentiaI partners to handIe any animaI crisis.

Carried Through Animal Rescue and Education (Shelter #1110266) x
Burnaby, BC V3N3H7   Canada
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CONTACT: Carrie Corbett 778-808-5710

We Are Not Disposable (Shelter #1126747) x
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SPEClAL NOTE: lf you need heIp with dog training and issues you maybe having with your dog pIease contact Nadine at [email protected] We want to heIp dogs stay in their happy homes. lf you are interested in adopting pIease emaiI [email protected] for an appIication.

Have-A-Heart Guinea Pig Rescue (Shelter #1106264) x
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Special Needs Pets (Shelter #1102475) x
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